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Jung Group is a conglomerate that operates in different industries. Those sectors are: Gastronomy, Finance/Investment, First-Aid Solutions and Logistics & Transport. Our subsidiaries consist of Jung Solutions, House of Traders, Logistics City24 and DEUCH. 

Jung GOC is an international operating conglomerate with it’s head office located Germany(Burgdorf). 

The head of the group is Padmond Jung. He is the founder and CEO of Jung Group of Companies. He established the group with the goal to bridge the gap between the African youth and the diaspora. On the other hand, his goal was to put a new structure in place for the subsidiaries. With that in place, the internal communication would be shorten and we will be able to make decisions faster. This is why Jung Group was formed and established in 2021. He has been in business for over 12 year, with some subsidiaries active for 7 years.

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Jung Group of Companies is to be seen as a bridge to the African youth and those in the diaspora. Our mission is to inspire the African youth to see the richness, potential and endless possibilities of the African continent.

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Inclusiveness - we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality. Quality - we strive for excellence through continuous improvement. Openness - we are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.


The vision of our company is to inspire the African youth and the Diaspora. We want to drive solutions finding, faster implementation of process and be the bridge connecting continents.

The Board & Team

Meet the team and board behind Jung Group.


Padmond Jung

Group CEO


Ophelia Najsthe

Head of Financial Department

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